Negative, Film


Creation Date
July 25 1956
1966 – 1981


Film size: 4 7/8 x 3 7/8

22 in. W x 24 in. L Item (Overall)

young Anglers find sunfish biting at Covill Park, July 25, 1956, negative size 4 7/8 x 3 7/8

Jacket: Army Nurse Corps Summer Army Green Cord uniform jacket. The jacket is green and white thin striped polyester and cotton. It has short sleeves. It has a notched collar with rounded collar ends. There is 1/8" wide dark green cord trim around the collar and sleeve cuffs. The cuffs are 1 3/4" wide. There are sewn down epaulets. There are 4 gold metal U.S. seal emblem closure buttons (It is an eagle with a shield in its center. The eagle is holding an olive branch in its right claw and arrows in its left claw. There is a banner in its mouth that says "E PLURIBUS UNUM". Above the eagle is a circle with a border of small circles and 13 stars in the center.). Imprinted on the back of the buttons is "WATERBURY COMPANIES INC.". The buttons are attached by a crimp pin. There is a lower pocket on each side. The pocket has a diagonal slit opening. There is an overlay on the top half of the pocket with a rounded bottom and a flat top by the slit. There is a dart seam from the shoulder to the pocket and a dart seam from the bust to the pocket. There are three seams down the back. There is no inside lining. On the inside shoulders are two bottom halves of snaps. The arm holes have white seam tape binding. On each side at the bottom is a pocket that is open on the top and inner side. On the left pocket is a white label with black "COAT, WOMAN'S, SUMMER/POLYESTER, GREEN AND WHITE/CONTRACT NUMBER 7118/75% POLYESTER - 25% COTTON". Condition - There are brown stains on the left arm white seam tape inside. There is a light brown stain on the left lapel. BUGS - Bug carcasses were vacuumed on 1/28/2007. Worn by Georgene Arndt. She served in the United States Army with the Army Nurse Corps from April 1966-April 1986 and October 1990-July 1991. She served in the Vietnam War and was called up for Desert Storm. She retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Army Nurse Corps. Georgene Arndt grew up in rural Goodhue/Red Wing area, about 10 miles from Red Wing. While attending Red Wing Central High School, she lived in Red Wing as a housekeeper for a widow. She graduated in 1958. She attended Fairview Hospital School of Nursing in Minneapolis and became a registered nurse. A year after nursing school she traveled to Europe. After that she joined the Army.

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